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Welcome to, the homepage of Jason McIntosh. I am a Boston-based writer, hacker, entrepreneur, and producer of various informational nuggets.

Below are some quick links to the major vortices of my life right now. You may explore other areas of this site through the navigation bar up in the corner. If you're trying to contact me, please visit my contact page.

Appleseed Software Consulting

Through Appleseed Software Consulting I offer my services as an independent software consultant specializing in database-driven web applications.

Orangepeel Softworks

Appleseed's product arm is Orangepeel, the identity under which I publish apps for iPhone and iPad.

The Gameshelf

A blog (and a former TV show) about game criticism and other interesting stuff.

Jmac's Arcade

A series of brief monologues about growing up around the arcade games of the 1980s, set to video from those same games.